Research papers on nursing theories

Download the perfectly formatted MS Word file! Nursing Leadership and Management A nurse manager's main role is that of leadership. The role of a nurse manger demands a lot of responsibility. A person must be able to…. Management: Nursing Nursing leadership overview: using Orlando's theory in nursing practice, leadership, and management today For the purposes of this assignment, I conducted a phone interview with Nurse B, a….

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Characterized by long hours, high levels of workplace stress and the…. Similarities Differences The overlap ion management and leadership What do leaders do? Comparing personal…. All Rights Reserved. Nursing Leadership, Management Theories, And Principles Over the last several years, health care has been going through a leadership crisis.

research papers on nursing theories

This is because of the increasing demand from shifting demographics in the population i. The Baby Boomer becoming older and the shortage of staff. The combination of these factors, mean that the traditional role of health care professionals is continually changing.

Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Nagelkerk who observed, "Nursing is a service profession filling two basic roles care provider and care manager. In these roles, leadership is important to build teams, spark innovation, create positive communication and accomplish goals. This is crucial, because of the relentless change that is affecting the organization, delivery and financing of health care services. Together, these factors will offer the greatest insight as to how the role of nurses is changing and what approaches must be utilizing to adapt.

This is when these ideas can be applied to real world health care environments which will have an impact on the quality of treatment patients are receiving.

Exploration and Analysis During the course of analyzing the ideas of leadership, there will be a focus on different terminal objectives. This will provide specific insights as to what techniques are most effective. Once this takes place, is when the best ideas can be utilized in a modern health care setting. Synthesize knowledge from the humanities, natural, and behavioral sciences as a foundation for safe, client-centered nursing practice Research Paper on Nursing Leadership, Management Theories, and Principles Over Assignment The various subjects are indicating that effective leadership in nursing, means using an approach that will take all of the different philosophies into account.

This is because effective leadership and management will requires nurses being good communicators, listeners and understanding a host of viewpoints.

The combination of these factors necessitates that nurses must be able to use these concepts on regular basis. A good example of this can be seen with information provided by Benner She found that when these different philosophies are integrated together, nurses are providing more specific patient centered therapy.

This is when the quality of treatment will improve by using these factors to understand specific circumstances impacting patients. Benner,pp. The most effective strategy for decision making is to focus on a number of areas. The most notable include: reaching out to various stakeholders, setting the example, working with different departments to solve their challenges and having higher expectations from everyone. The combination of these factors will create an environment where basic principles can establish a foundation for everyone who is working together in different health care settings.

research papers on nursing theories

It is at this point there these ideas can be implemented. Finkelman,pp. Finkelman found that when flexibility and wide variety of ideas are used in conjunction with each other the underlying quality of care improves.

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This is because nurses are taught to always be open minded to new ideas. When this happens, they are able to more effectively relate to different viewpoints. This is when they can reach out to patients and other staff members which increases the quality of care.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Papers People. This book offers the perspective that nursing is a professional discipline with a body of knowledge that guides its practice.

Nursing theories are an important part of this body of knowledge, and regardless of complexity or abstraction, Nursing theories are an important part of this body of knowledge, and regardless of complexity or abstraction, reflect nursing and should be used by nurses to frame their thinking, action, and being in the world.

As guides, nursing theories are practical in nature and facilitate communication with those we serve as well as with colleagues, students, and others practicing in health-related services. Our hope is that this book illuminates for the reader the interrelationship between nursing theories and nursing practice, and that this will focus practice more meaningfully and make a difference in the health and quality of life of people who are recipients of nursing care.

Save to Library. Today, the novel coronavirus COVID has become a major challenge to the world and drastically affected the healthcare system itself. This deadly virus is highly contagious and have significant clinical implications that may re-sults This deadly virus is highly contagious and have significant clinical implications that may re-sults in continuous death across the globe. It is very much important that the pathogenicity and clinical implications of this virus is understood as that will help in the preventive measures to be taken in controlling the high rate of dead being faced across some countries.

Our knowledge on COVID is still quite limited despites the unprecedented efforts by scientists and clinical researchers over the last few months of the virus out breaking. Thus, this paper reviewed the current literature about the virus features, infectivity, pathogenicity and clinical implications that hinder the clinical diagnosis of SARS-CoV This article explores conceptual connections between nursing and spirituality and advocates for a progressive spiritualization of nursing.

It explains why the spiritual holistic metaparadigm of love, communion, and gift is deeply related It explains why the spiritual holistic metaparadigm of love, communion, and gift is deeply related to the holonic nursing metaparadigm of care, relationship, and practice. Individual and collective intentions and cultural values are the main channels of interaction between the nursing and the spiritual paradigms. Finally, the article argues that spirituality influences nursing in both education and practice by, among other things: a providing meaning and purpose; b promoting cohesion in health communities; c fostering respect for ethics; d stimulating innovation; e encouraging leadership; and f illuminating the workplace.

This problem however has never been explored nor proved to be present within the Tunisian This problem however has never been explored nor proved to be present within the Tunisian nurse bachelor degree. Thus we aim to explore the existence of this gap in the Tunisian nurse education program through the technique of simple hand washing. Both a survey questionnaire and an observation grid were used, one was to test the nurse's knowledge of the simple hand washing technique the other to evaluate the execution of the technique.As a profession, nursing in increasingly governed by a number of different theories regarding the practice.

In general, nursing theories fall into one of three categories. The application of nursing theory to actual practice can be some what problematic. Despite these overlaps, however, the teaching of nursing practice is markedly different form its actual practice. Traditionally presented in two distinct formats:.

For nursing students, making the connection between theses two distinct formats can prove difficult. Nursing theory provides a foundation for nurses to understand their environment. However, nursing theory does little, if anything, to prepare nurses for the actual practice of nursing. For instance, although practice theories utilize four clearly defined steps for planning intervention, little if any flexibility is built into the theory.

Therefore when nurses are faced with real world problems that do not easily correlate to specific nursing problems, difficulties can arise in choosing an appropriate course of action.

Theory In Nursing Practice Research Paper

Theories attempt to explain the world around us. While theories are applicable to almost every aspect of daily life, their use in the nursing profession carries with it a number of inherent benefits. If nursing practice were devoid of a theoretical basis nurses would, in essence, be left mired in chaos. Effectively theories provide the foundation for nursing practice.

Research Papers on Nursing Theories Our group of highly qualified and skilled writers is ready to help you with a similar paper within a specified deadline. Skip to content support royalresearchers. Sign in Login Place Order. Research Papers on Nursing Theories Research papers on nursing theories often explore the theory or the theorist that has contributed to the foundation of understanding the profession of nursing.

Grand nursing theories are conceptual frameworks for the entire practice, but are not useful for empirical testing. Mid-range nursing theories offer a bridge between grand theory and practice. Nursing practice theories are developed for use within specific nursing scenarios.

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Traditionally presented in two distinct formats: A classroom setting — engages educators to facilitate knowledge learning A practice based setting — enables mentors to facilitate hands-on learning, application of nursing theory can be difficult in a setting that demands the utilization of so many skills. Her focus was on working with children and families for the specific field of child health nursing, using the five concepts of child, family, health, environment, and nurse.

Theories enable nurses to correlate information in different ways ensuring the best possible care for individual patients.Nursing Theory The two nursing theories espoused by Jean Watson and Marilyn ay have different points of focus, but both focus on the primary purpose of nursing as a caring profession.

As such, nurses, carers, and leaders all need to integrate their efforts for the purpose of furthering the primary concern to create a caring and comfortable environment for clients, particualry in the acute care setting. Having considered Watson and ay, it is concluded that ay's theory is the optimal choice for further study, as she provides an integrated and practical nursing setting to help leaders create the environment in which employees can function to fulfill their caring mission to the best of their ability.

The basic premise of Watson's theory is that nursing is that it should function within a Caring Science orientation Watson,p. According to Watson, the fact that this has not been the focus…… [Read More]. Nursing Theories Numerous nursing theories guide the field of healthcare within the nursing realm. It is the idea that by following structured programs, in this case that of a nursing theory, a health care provider will be more able to accurately serve its designated population.

Nursing theories serve as a principle that nurses live by. These nursing principles also serve as a guide for the nurse to be able to handle emotions within him or herself.

Such is the theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness. Margaret Newman established the nursing theory of health as expanding consciousness. This theory derived…… [Read More]. Nursing Theories Comparative Analysis of.

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Orlando's theory of functional nursing, meanwhile, focuses on one concept considered vital in King's goal attainment theory: perception. In her theory, Orlando explicated the importance of a perceptive nursing, which is a basic requirement and goal for any practicing nurse.

research papers on nursing theories

This 'concept' is vital in that through the practice of perceptive nursing, the idea of "good" and "bad" nursing is eliminated. Moreover, in discussing further the idea of perceptive -- that is, functional -- nursing, Orlando argued the following, centering on the importance of becoming a care provider first rather than being a medical service provider: in day-to-day practice the nurse can forget what her real job is, if she tries to carry out too…… [Read More].

Nursing Theories Nursing Is a Professional and. Nursing Theories Nursing is a professional and an academic discipline and must be "studied in concert with all of the disciplines that together from the health sciences" Levine's four conservation principles,Current Nursing.

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To maintain homeostasis of the organism Levine's four conservation principles,Current Nursing. Nursing is defined as a process of "action, reaction and interaction…between nurse and client" Imogene King's theory of goal attainment,Current Nursing. The purpose of nursing is the care of human beings Imogene King's theory of goal attainment,Current Nursing.

Nursing Theories: In contemporary times, there are many nursing theories, each with a highlighted core concept and value, and each with a unique philosophy.

When looking closely at these theories, it is possible to see commonality among them, and theorists can be divided into groups with similar core beliefs. Nursing in general has an underlying goal of identifying and filling the patient's needs, though each theorist comes from a unique perspective on how to accomplish this task.

Several nursing theorists are, in fact, considered "needs theorists" as their ideas are directly related to this broader goal. Others are more relationally focused and focus on the interpersonal relationship as essential for healing to occur.

The theories identified in this paper are all considered "needs theories" and their theorists all share the core value of increasing patients' autonomy, self-determination and individual independence needs through accomplishing specific nursing interventions. The core concept of…… [Read More].

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Nursing Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. Community Nursing Practice Model For a long time, community nursing has been an issue of major concern to most health care sectors.We use cookies to enhance our website for you. Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it.

Nursing Theorist Papers

Type of paper: Essay. Nursing is a well-known profession of the health care sector that focuses upon taking care of the patients, individuals, and even families in the absence of the doctors. In addition, they also support the doctors in their various medication activities of the patients, which in turn would help in the recovery of the patients. With the recent developments in the field of nursing, we can differentiate this profession on the basis of patient care, scope of practice, and the management style of the organization Bartels, This paper will first of all discuss the nursing paradigms and nursing theories.

I shall further include my reflections on the course of nursing. Finally, I shall conclude my thoughts on the next stage of my education and career in the given field. When I first time took admission in the nursing course, I just knew the factual things related to nursing. For example, I knew that there were around 2. This statistics is as per the records of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Further, my feelings and my emotions were more of skeptical since I did not how to approach for this course.

I knew that the nursing career will provide me a range of different opportunities, but still a long journey was yet to take place in my life. So, I thought to focus upon the learning process and enjoy every part of my learning. With the passage of time, my concepts and my learning became clearer, as I got evolved into different subjects of learning. I came into touch with my seniors, who shared their views and opinions regarding this career course, which also helped me in many ways.

I use to modify my learning methodologies depending upon my results and my perspectives. Throughout this time, I would just say that, this course has turned me more responsible and more mature toward the patients and their healthcare services.

There were certain challenges and beliefs regarding environment, health, person, and nursing, which every nurse student need to overcome. There are several elements present in the first environment.Download the perfectly formatted MS Word file! Centralized and universal licensure. A nurse is supposed to be caring and compassionate, yet…. Nursing Theory Nursing is a three-prong dynamic that must take place before a client is cared for in the best possible way. The first prong is based on the fact….

All Rights Reserved. The theory identifies four phases of the relationship between a nurse and patient. The first phase is orientation whereby the individual or family has a felt need and goes ahead to seek professional assistance from a nurse who is a total stranger.

The second phase is identification whereby the patient starts to develop feelings of belongingness and a capacity of dealing wit the problem they are facing, create an optimistic attitude from which inner strength ensues. This is where selection of appropriate professional assistance occurs.

The third phase is exploitation where the nurse uses tools of communication to render their services to their patients who is expected to take advantage of the services being offered to him or her. Here, the significance of communication in the nursing practice, especially between the nurse and the patient is of central importance.

Research Papers on Nursing Theories

The fourth phase is resolution whereby the needs of a patient have been met by the collaborative efforts between the nurse and patient Olin, This indicates that the needs and the challenges that the patient had and that prompted him to come seeking the intervention of the nurse have been met and therefore there is need for termination of the relationship for that particular case. Research Paper on Classification of Nursing Theories Nursing Assignment This theory is applicable in contemporary nursing through the development of interpersonal relationship between a nurse and a patient.

Nurses are required to enter into a personal relationship with their patients as soon as they feel there is a need present. It can be applied particularly with the patients who have psychological problems. This is not only an application that is often emphasized in theory but also one that applies in the real life situations in the process of nursing.

One such situation is when the patient with psychological problem comes to me as a nurse, it will be very challenging to empathize with the situation and know how to advice the patient in dealing with the situation like the post traumatic stress situations. I wil have to major on establishing an interpersonal relationship with the patient first and that way the patient will have faith in me from the bond formed.

The other situation that I have come across is the formation of interpersonal relationship with a patient despite the sickness and makes him believe that it is possible for him to heal before starting to treat them. In as much as I try to be honest with them, I will give them cases of patients who have successfully gone through the same situation successfully and in that manner, there will be a formed positive relationship with me as the nurse and hence easier to give treatment to the patient and prescription and have a firm belief that the prescription will be followed.

My personal philosophy of nursing is that a nurse should be able to help their patient and must strive through whichever means to explore all possible and logical measures to help the patient.

Nursing Theories

The effort to help the patient must be the driving force behind the actions of the nurse. From this paperI have further affirmed my belief that good care can only be possible if the nurse and the patient relate well, yet the nurse must be the initiator of this mutual agreement between the client and the nurse. Without a relationship between the nurse and patient then it becomes very difficult for the patient to be open and trust the nurse who is treating him or her.

This theory has helped shape my philosophy in nursing as I have examined the four phases that are involved in this theory and they point to the necessity of a patient and nurse building a relationship so as the patient can get help from the nurse. References Antipuesto, J. Nursing Theory and Theorists. Nursing Theory. Theories of Nursing. Two Ordering Options:? Chicago Style "Classification of Nursing Theories. September 13, Accessed December 17, Listen to our radio ad!

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Phone: Text super fast : Give us a try. You won't be disappointed!We use cookies to enhance our website for you. Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it. Type of paper: Research Paper. Over the past century, nursing has become one of health care professions that has witnessed immense growth. The move towards nursing practice that is hinged on theory has brought the skills of nursing into view as a discipline that is both academic and professional.

A theory is a group of concepts that are related and which propose actions that are meant to guide certain practices Tonney, When it comes to the nursing profession, nursing theories comprises of a set of concepts, definitions, relationships and assumptions which result from different nursing models and other interrelated disciplines and provide a purposive view of phenomena which is systematic and it occurs through designing relationships that are specific among different concepts for the key aim of describing and making explanations.

Nursing theories either take a deductive or inductive reasoning to explain different kinds of nursing phenomena. Nursing theories play a very important role in the medical profession because assists in not only explaining and predicting, they also provide the necessary foundation through which the practice of nursing is hinged on George, They further help in generating additional knowledge and provide the future directions of the nursing profession.

Having a definite set of theories in nursing is also important because it leads to better care of patients, enhances the professional status of nurses, and leads to better communication and guides research and education. Nursing theories can be viewed from the point of mirrors, microscopes or telescopes. Mirrors provide a reflection of all or some parts of reality and give them different shapes.

Microscopes on the other hand focus on another party of reality and magnifies that part within or outside its context Meleis, Telescopes bring objects and events that are far away to point that are within the reach of people and can be observed. Therefore, the study of theories used in the nursing profession is a reflection of different realities of life as seen from mirrors, microscopes or telescopes.

In the course of their development, these theories have served as a reflection of the interests of the nursing profession as at a specific point in time. They have reflected the socio-cultural contexts of the nurses, their educational backgrounds and the experiences they have gained working as nursing professionals.

When all these theories are considered and put together to reflect the realities of the nursing profession, other images are formulated. However, these images are not always distinct, well formulated and true images, but nevertheless, they are also not just images or imaginations made up by nursing theorists either.

In most cases, they are a reflection of the realities of the nursing profession at the time when these theories were being developed and they further assist in shaping the direction of the nursing profession in the course of time.

Viewing these theories from the perspectives of mirror, telescopes or microscopes is crucial because neither theory is mutually exclusive or inclusive but they present ways through which stimulating and innovative ways can be put in place to explain and classify theories used in the nursing profession Orlando, Thus by using these models of classification, it is possible to achieve two goals, the first being the ability to see different images and details when we try to analyze a phenomena; images which cannot be readily seen when only viewed from one perspective.

The second reason has some resemblance to the first one, in that it, by using theories to achieve different needs, it is possible to enhance the theories since they are viewed from different perspectives. Application of the mirrors, microscopes and telescopes to the nursing profession provides an opportunity to highlight and detail the theoretical development of the nursing profession.

Thus, the nursing profession can be viewed from the point of view of time when the nursing profession was developed according to the images of nursing at that time.


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